Top 2 Spotting Scopes for Bird Watching

Bird with blurred backgroundIf you have just been watching the best bird videos on YouTube instead of going out and watching birds with your eyes, you’re missing about a quarter of your life.

Spotting scopes and birding go so well; they’re understood to be partners, especially when we talk about angled body spotting scopes which are recommended for birdwatching.

Birding can be enjoyed best with a high-quality scope because it can magnify the bird’s plumage in near and far distances. Using the high magnification of your scope, you will be able to spot the finest details on a bird’s feathers. You can even mount a camera on your scope to take photos of these beautiful animals! If you want to learn the best tips on how to take pictures of birds, check this article.

All right, enough with the introduction. What are the two best spotting scopes for birding on the market right now?

Kowa TSN 883 Angled 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope

Kowa TSN 883 Spotting Scope


If you want a spotting scope that’s worth your money just like every sane person does, then you should check out this scope by Kowa.

It has a fully multi-coated lens and a porro prism which allows you to get the right amount of light and the best viewing experience even in low-light situations.

Its optical and lens features will help you become the professional bird watcher you’ve always wanted to be. Its dual focus, fluorite crystal lens will give you bright, excellent images thanks to its enhanced features such as resolution, color, and contrast.

Watching birds at long distances isn’t an issue because this scope provides a clear, undistorted image even when you use high magnification levels. The body is made of a corrosion-resistant, magnesium alloy material to help balance the weight since its quality lens is a tad weighty. And because it’s kept safe from the effects of corrosion, you won’t have a problem with moisture as well.

The housing for this scope is 100% waterproof, which makes it impressive and so useful during winter; after all, it’s best to do some birding during winter. It’s even nitrogen purged, protecting itself from internal fogging. And because it’s waterproof, that means dust can’t enter the system too.

Eyepieces for Kowa TSN 883 are sold separately, but its design comes with a locking mechanism to secure the removable eyepiece in position.

Leica Televid APO 82mm Angled Spotting Scope

Leica Apo Televid 82mm Spotting Scope


If you’ve decided to visit the 5 amazing places to go bird watching, then you better bring the Leica Televid APO. Trust me; it’s a wise decision to bring this superb spotting scope. This device has 6% light yield increase compared to its previous models, making its image resolution incomparable and distinct in any lighting. It can bring lively color and detailed contrast without sabotaging the range of view, thanks to its fluoride glass.

The Televid APO also includes a waterproof and fog seal coupled with an AquaDura Lens Coating that will keep water and moisture at bay. Once again, ideal even during winter.  The protective layers of this scope will allow you to enjoy quality images with no fingerprints or dirt. You can say good bye to dust and debris because its optics are sealed with O-rings too.

This scope is also resistant to corrosion like the Kowa TSN 883. It’s also sturdy and comfortable to use thanks to its secure, non-slip grip.

In addition, its 12-feet close focus has been tailored for bird watching, allowing you to identify a bird from afar.