Spotting Scope VS. Telescope: What to Use?

Spotting-Scope-OrnithologistIf you want to view objects on land, get a spotting scope. Spotting scopes give a more detailed, brighter image. They’re even perfect for birdwatching and are more portable because they’re like small telescopes you can fit in a bag. If you’re always on the move, it’s wiser to get yourself a spotting scope than a telescope.

Telescopes are ideal for viewing celestial objects. They are bigger and heavier, making them inappropriate to use if you’re always on the go. The image it produces is also upside down, making it ineffective to use for viewing objects on land. A telescope requires more care from your end since it’s delicate.

Zooming in and out using a spotting scope is easier. If you want to zoom in on an object using a telescope, you have to switch the eyepiece, and this is a bit time-consuming. Spotting scopes come with a variable zoom eyepiece that you can easily adjust. And that’s why they’re better for land viewing. Of course, you can purchase a variable eyepiece for your telescope, but that won’t be cheap. If you have the money, though, that won’t be a problem.

Spotting scopes should be used for viewing animals or objects that are unpredictable. That’s because you can easily adjust by zooming out to look for the object again before zooming in to get a clearer image. Spotting scopes give sharper details of animals like birds and aren’t confusing because the image they produce won’t be upside down. Spotting scopes are recommended for those who are into hunting and birdwatching. They might be a little sensitive since they require steadiness, but they’re easier to bring and carry around.

Telescopes should be used by those who want to observe the stars and other heavenly bodies. The targets they work well with won’t be moving constantly and that’s why telescopes are better. Plus, they have higher magnification power. You just have to use the right eyepiece and voila! You can have a more detailed image of the object. You can also use a spotting scope for stargazing, but nothing does it better than a telescope.