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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Digiscoping Now

Digiscoping equipment

It’s Perfect for the Bird Watcher If you’re serious about bird watching with your spotting scope, then digiscoping is for you—it’ll let you examine the plumage of a bird and even take photos of it! Just imagine being able to identify what kind of bird you’re looking at and capturing its actions too! Digiscoping with […]

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How Do Lenses Work?

Convex and concave lenses

First off, there are two types of lenses: convex lens and concave lens. Convex Lens Convex lenses cause parallel light rays to converge at a single point known as the focal point. These types of lenses are characterized by having a thicker center. When light rays pass through the lens, they don’t travel in straight […]

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How to Deal with the Two Spotting Scope Problems When You Hunt

hunting with spotting scope

Two things interfere with a clear-cut view when your spotting scope is set above 40x magnification power: a tiny exit pupil and heat waves. If you’re a beginner and you don’t know what the numbers in your spotting scope means, check this article—it’ll enlighten you. Small Exit Pupil, What’s Your Deal? If you’re a legit […]

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Different Uses of Your Spotting Scope

Man observing animals through a spotting scope

Doesn’t it make you cringe when you go bird watching, and your binoculars can’t get you near enough to the bird you want to examine? Indeed, the struggle is real. It’s a shame when you can’t even differentiate birds or tell which kind of Sandpiper you’re looking at. This is where the spotting scope comes […]

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How to Correct Common Problems in Digiscoping

Shadows digiscoping problem

There will always be trouble when it comes to taking pictures using a combination of your spotting scope and your camera. This technique, known as digiscoping, is useful for birdwatchers, wildlife photographers, astronomy photographers, and landscape photographers. Today, we’ll tackle the most typical problems and how to correct them. Problem: Blurred Image       […]

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