Straight VS. Angled Spotting Scopes: Which to Choose?

We highly recommend that you watch the video above as it explains in-depth whether you should choose an angled or a straight spotting scope depending on your needs. Breaking down the differences Each to their own. Each individual has his own gear preferences. Some like product A while others like product B. The best way […]

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8 Most Beautiful Bird Videos on YouTube in 2017

hummingbird at Costa Rica

Are you a lover of birds? Whether you’re observing birds as a hobby or for work, watching videos can help you identify the birds. Here’s a list of the most beautiful bird videos you can watch on YouTube. 1. One of the best bird videos on YouTube is uploaded by LabofOrnithology. It’s the work of […]

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Why Birding is Best During the Winter

snow birding

Depending on where you are, the species of birds you can see during winter might vary. The climate of the country you live in and the existence or non-existence of natural habitats also affect the birds you see during winter. Contrary to popular belief, birding during winter isn’t exactly unproductive, cold, and dark. Winter has […]

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Birding: 4 Tips to Become a Pro Bird Watcher

Bog birding

1. Study birds so you can easily find them. One way to study is to learn about the habitat a species of bird likes. It’s important to determine where they usually hang out. Do they spend most of their time on a lake, on a tree, or on the ground? What about the songs they […]

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5 Amazing Places to Go Bird Watching

roseate spoonbills

1. Costa Rica This place isn’t just for beginner bird watchers but also for professionals. The place offers the attractive quetzal, a bird that has green feathers and red underparts. It’s an impressive-looking bird that makes your travel to Costa Rica absolutely worth it. WHY IT’S AMAZING: Costa Rica offers more than 50 hummingbird species. […]

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