8 Most Beautiful Bird Videos on YouTube in 2017

Are you a lover of birds? Whether you’re observing birds as a hobby or for work, watching videos can help you identify the birds. Here’s a list of the most beautiful bird videos you can watch on YouTube.

1. One of the best bird videos on YouTube is uploaded by LabofOrnithology. It’s the work of Cornell Lab scientist Ed Scholes and National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman.

Title: Birds-of-Paradise Project Introduction

2. Ready to see wildlife birds? This video by Beautiful Flowers presents not only birds but wildlife animals as well. If you’ve got 28 minutes to spare, I’m positive you’ll enjoy watching the animals and listen to the natural sound of their environment.

Title: Wildlife Videos – Beautiful Animals and birds

3. This next video by WatchMojo.com presents the most beautiful birds on the planet. From top 10 to top 4, these are: Blue Jay, Painted Bunting, Snowy Owl, Keel-Billed Toucan, Flamingo, Macaw, and Kingfisher. Curious about the top 3? Watch the video!

Title: Top 10 Most Stunningly Beautiful Birds in the World

4. Beautiful Flowers compiled videos once again to present us this next video of an exotic parrot. Something about it makes you want to own a parrot! It shows the scarlet macaw—a South American parrot. Watch the video and see their beauty for yourself!

Title: Most Beautiful Parrot Bird Video – Exotic Scarlet Macaws

5. Need some time to relax? Don’t fret, these birds got you covered! The next video shows different birds resting on a tree branch. Thanks to Paul Dinning, you can see the birds’ movement clearer and better.

Title: Birds Flying in Slow Motion with Beautiful Bird Sounds: Volume 6

6. If you’re a fan of hummingbirds, we have a video for you as well! This video is aesthetic and informative at the same time. This five-minute video is uploaded by Nature’s Invitation. It will leave you in awe.

Title: Hummingbirds Ultra Slow Motion – Amazing Facts, Full HD

7. This next video by Top 5s Finest is one interesting bird video. It displays the beauty of the Helmeted Hornbill, the Hoatzin, and three more exotic birds.

Title: 5 Most Unique Exotic Birds In The World!

8. It’s a known fact that there are rare birds but the birds in Top 10 Clipz’ video are so rare you might never be able to see them when you go birdwatching. The top 10 to top 5 are the following: Red Crowned Crane, Palila, Great Indian Bustard, Honduran Emerald Hummingbird, The Marvelous Spatuletail, and the Brazilian Merganser.

Title: Top 10 Rarest Birds


If you’re looking to see birds in real life in as great quality as seen in the videos above we recommend that you get yourself a spotting scope. They’re easy to use, doesn’t weigh a lot, and they fit right into your backpack. Now combine that with a digiscope and you can produce YouTube video like the ones above.