5 Amazing Places to Go Bird Watching

1. Costa Rica
hummingbird at Costa RicaThis place isn’t just for beginner bird watchers but also for professionals. The place offers the attractive quetzal, a bird that has green feathers and red underparts. It’s an impressive-looking bird that makes your travel to Costa Rica absolutely worth it.

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Costa Rica offers more than 50 hummingbird species. You can visit Isla del Coco and find a strange but impressive frigate bird that looks like a Long-billed duck with a huge, red bulge below its neck. Visit the Corcovado National Park and you’ll find 375 bird species!

2. Peru
roseate spoonbillsLucky for you, Peru exists for your birdwatching needs! When you’re in Peru, you MUST visit Parque Nacional del Manu. Feast your eyes on the exotic creatures like roseate spoonbills, quetzals with golden heads, trumpeters with pale wings, and caciques with yellow rumps!

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Its tropical forest will welcome you with more or less 850 bird species! You can even find the largest macaw lick of South America in the Reserva Nacional Tambopata. The place boasts of its vibrant-colored parrots that are just too wonderful to look at. Looking for stunning birds? Visit Peru and give your eyes the view they deserve!

3. Malaysia
Bornean_Peacock_PheasantMalaysia is one of the best birdwatching places you will ever step your feet on. It’s the main destination of migratory birds who need to rest. After all, flying can be tiring for them too! Malaysia allows you to see the ever-famous Bulwer’s pheasant, Bornean Bristlehead, and red-breasted partridge.

WHY IT’S AMAZING: Malaysia offers about 800 bird species! Visiting the country will allow you to see the popular Malayan Peacock-pheasant as well. This bird attracts more birdwatchers than you think! And that’s all because of its beautifully patterned feathers.

4. The Galápagos Islands
lava gullThis place is the birdwatching location you need to go to during October to February. This is the time when birds migrate and show off. The place is full of beautiful birds during this time. You can get the chance to see the blue-footed booby too! It’s an exotic small critter that has electric-hued blue feet.

WHY IT’S AMAZING: The Galápagos Islands have numerous rare birds like the Galápagos lava gull. It even displays cormorants and penguins! There are other rare bird species you have to discover yourself, so I won’t include them here.

5. China
Oriental GreenfinchAnother Asian country? Why not? China allures bird lovers who wish to present their eyes with the gift of cranes that migrate between Siberia and Asia. The southwest forests of China are a home to the country’s most magnificent birds—the colored tragopans. In the forests of Yunnan, you can also watch blood pheasants fly like there’s no tomorrow.

WHY IT’S AMAZING: In Beijing, you will be able to see Oriental Greenfinches, red-bellied blue magpies, grey-faced woodpeckers, grey-spotted woodpeckers, and a whole lot more! Looking for exotic bird species? “SAY NO MORE!” – China.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a decent spotting scope for birding, and you’re ready to go out there!