4 Reasons Why You Should Start Digiscoping Now

It’s Perfect for the Bird Watcher

If you’re serious about bird watching with your spotting scope, then digiscoping is for you—it’ll let you examine the plumage of a bird and even take photos of it! Just imagine being able to identify what kind of bird you’re looking at and capturing its actions too! Digiscoping with your spotting scope is also incomparable because these optics produce sharp details with forced depth of field, if you don’t know what that is, you better check our article about how to take photos of birds. In addition, spotting scopes are great in low-light situations, enabling you to take pictures from dusk till dawn.

Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher

It’s An Amazing Experience with Nature

When you start digiscoping, you’ll find out the closeness, clarity, and sharpness the method provides—it’s an experience you’ve never had before. You might have been observing wildlife before, but digiscoping will take you to a new place. You’ll never feel disconnected to the natural world ever again. You’ll see more of nature and appreciate it even more.

It Allows You to Share Images Instantly

Digiscoping lets you wirelessly and immediately share your photos to others with your Wi-Fi-capable smartphone or DSLR. You can post the pictures to social media or email them to your family and friends right away.

Wifi icon

With this, you can even join a community and start exchanging photos with other members. You can also share information about birds with them. With digiscoping, you don’t only get beautiful images; you get new friends as well!

Besides, if you’re an ornithologist working in the field, it’ll be easier for you to share the images instead of going back to the office just to submit the photos.

It’s Easy!

Thanks to our high-tech cameras nowadays, you can take photos of animals in HD and even take 4K-resolution videos with just a press of a button! Just picture it: with the combination of a high-quality spotting scope and your DSLR, you can take a video of a bird spreading its wings and soaring from one tree to another!

Digiscoping equipment

Plus, a lot of cameras don’t only record video; they also record sound. Playing it back afterward will probably leave you reminiscing. So if you’re also into documenting bird songs, you should start digiscoping now. Trust me; it’ll change the way you view the world.